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Surfing in Cornwall pictures by Geoff Tydeman.

  • Fistral beach perfection
    The following shots show Cornish surfing in all its glory. N.B. All pictures in this Gallery are the sole property of Geoff Tydeman.

Dave Jones Surf photographer

  • IMG_6265 crab island
    Thanks to Dave Jones for these superb surfing images and look forward to seeing more from his surf travels. If you are looking for decent surf shots of yourself and you are based in the Swansea/ Gower region then Dave is your man.

Surfing with GSD in South West Portugal

  • Algarve_surfing
    From September onwards it is time to pack your bags and visit the South West coast of Portugal. We run Live Surf Travel breaks and long weekends for intermediate and upwards surfers.

Junior surfing at Caswell on monday 7th of August

  • P8070017
    The junior academy and Greg's group from Blaenau Gwent had great weather and surf.

Gallery of surf school lessons

  • Soul surfing.
    GSD is open all year on Gower, in addition to offering next step lessons on the Algarve in South West Portugal and small groups and 1-2-1 lessons on Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall.

GSD staff training.

  • Brettcarvin
    When the Fall comes we head out to the Algarve for some late sun and warm waves. The beaches are empty and the local surfers super cool. Portugal Te Amo.

Caswell beach junior surfing pictures.

  • Another_star_of_the_future
    On Friday the 4th of August a small ground swell pushed on to Gower, part of the welsh surfing coastline. There to greet these perfect waves were the wave hungry junior surfing academy armed with their INT wave riding vehicles. Parents/guardians and spectators stood on the becah and cheered the surfers on. Yeeehhhaaaaa !

Fluidshotz, Surf and lifestyle photography.

  • France ?! Looks more like Hawaii !!
    All pictures are the personal property of and Chris Vaughan. Chris is as passionate about his photography as his surfing and aspires to be one of Wales' most exciting photographers.Chris is a surf coach for GSD surf school and a crewman on the Mumbles Lifeboat. Be sure to check out his site at

Summer Surfing

  • 68
    3rd of August at Caswell beach, Gower. A group of young people from all over the Uk hit the Welsh surf. The surf was perfect, with offshore winds and sun shining the group rode these perfect small waves with style. GSD welcomes them all to the surfing family.

Surfing at the Eisteddfod.

  • Dscf1108
    If you are coming to the show we are opposite the Scarlets and Ospreys stands. Enter the face that fits contest and get a new GSD sticker.

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August 21, 2007

A surfboard with force can cause serious damage and could kill a surfer or another water user

Hawaiian_beach_rescue_if_in_doubt_d Last Sunday we had a nice clean small swell with offshore winds, Caswell beach was very busy and ultimately a young surfer was hit by someone's board and was knocked out, he was found floating by Brett Gillett (SurfGSD instructor) and Greg Healey of (an ex beach lifeguard) backed up by members of the Mumbles Lifeguard Club and Beach Rescue, and a spinal injury management procedure was implemented.

Ultimately, a bad situation was turned around due to the fact that there was trained surfers and lifeguards on the beach and in the surfing zone. This ensured that the young lad,after a brief stay in hospital, had recovered enough to pop down to Caswell beach yesterday and thank everyone that helped in a well executed rescue.

It could have been worse, it could have happened out on the gower reefs or at another remote spot. Perhaps without anyone else around or only a few surf buddies with you.

Are you confident that you would know what to do? (If you are a swansea surfer or based close to our gower beaches and use them, please see at the bottom of this blog to get info on surf incident training for surfers)


Prevention rather than cure 

1) Surf with a buddy
2) The surfer on the wave has priority, so get out of their way
3) If paddling out and a surfer is heading towards you, simply head into the impact zone (or soup), thereby not ruining the surfers ride
4) If surfing a wave like the 'reef' or Crab Island, never cut corners, paddle all the way around so as to stay clear of the surfing zone
5) Do not sit in front of a take off spot (yet again like the idiots at crab on sunday) as if someone takes off on the outside they have a really good chance of running you over) back to rule number 2 the surfer has priority not you sitting on the inside catching the small waves
6) Ensure that the equipment you are using is 'fit for the purpose' and that you have a leg rope as it is irresponsible to surf a longboard/shortboard/piece of cheese in busy surf breaks without a leg rope and more importantly at busy beaches with swimmers, as if you lose the love of your life it will bounce with speed towards the shore and do a good imitation of a bowling ball taking all the skittles out on its lone trip to the beach
7) If you are hiring a surfboard ensure that you have had a surf lesson from an official British surfing Assoc' school and then only hire softboards which are good enough for 90percent of the surfing population on any given British day anyway, (try a swell board on a big day you will have so much fun-I am addicted to the soft boards)
8) Know the beach/coastline you are going to surf before you jump in, speak to locals, check info on websites such as beachwizard, magicseaweed, surfs up etc and if there is a beach rescue service have a chat with them about potential dangers
9) The list goes on and on for more info check out the BSA website or RNLI
10) Do not stick your head in the sand or in the way of another surfer, get trained and know before you go

Surfers incident training this September on Gower, 2007

SurfGSD is offering you the chance to improve your knowledge for free, thats right free.... Well not exactly because you are going to have to get to the beach and dedicate 45 mins of your life, surf or no surf.

The session will encompass basic ABC of resuscitation and what if scenarios, for example your friend is hit by a surfboard, what are you going to do?

To book on these evening classes simply email simon on the following email and please put surf abc for subject   we will try to train as many surfers as we can in the four weeks of September, places will be limited.


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    Oahu, Hawaii.

    • Perfect_righthand_point_peeling_at_lani_
      I love Hawaii, it's that simple. Every wave tests you and your ability. I truly believe that if one is to be a surfer he/she must travel to the home of surfing to sample it's delights at least once.

    Chris Bertish big wave surfer

    • Todos Santos, Baja.
      Chris Bertish is not only a good friend of mine but one of the few people that I trust in the most challenging of surfing conditions. Chris, simply in my view is one of the best big wave surfers in the world.

    Atlantic Island big wave surfing paradise

    • inside point
      This is an outdoor adventure paradise. The surf is of the highest standard with the North Atlantic throwing the largest rideable waves at the perfect points.

    Pays Basque

    • Surf_more
      A great place to eat good food, surf excellent waves if your lucky. Go out of the silly season and you will score perfect waves.

    Richard Mullins

    • Mcroni_26th_1121
      Here are just a few of Richards surf shots, how good would it be to have your logo on his boards! Well now here is your chance, he needs a sponsor for the forthcoming years to help him compete on the BPSA and travel the world surfing radical waves.

    mountain boarding comes to Gower, Wild West Wales.

    • down the hill
      Next spring 2007 GSD will be operating a mountain board school here on Gower and hopefully Cornwall to work closely with the exsisting surf schools based in the same locations. As with the surfing our dirt boarding passion is going to be directed at offering quality courses for all, teaching this fun new extreme sport.

    Cool camping vans for surfers.

    • Regius_1_008
      These cool campers are now available from the guys at the M.D has surfed for 30 plus years and travelled extensively in various types of surfer vehicles and came up with these beauties.

    Surf lifestyle picture contest.

    • B
      At the Eisteddfod Swansea 2006 our Welsh speaking surfing coaches held a Picture contest. Fun was had by all including some as young as three years old. Local Welsh artist Rhys Mason was on hand to pick the top pictures and they have been selected for our surf blog. Four of the artists will be recieve a phone call over the next week to claim their free surf day at Caswell with us. Thank you to all the young people that entered and had fun at the Eisteddfod

    Surfing lessons for everyone.

    • Dscf1111
      GSD surfing staff are available for events and exhibitions around the UK. If you would like us to visit your show please contact us. We offer a surfing lesson, surf contests and offer great prizes. We have worked on stands including the Welsh Tourist Board and Welsh Assembly.
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