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Australia: warm water, warm weather, big surf!

With international travel becoming easier and more convenient than ever, it has never been a better time to take up the awesome sport of surfing and allow it to drag you to every corner of the earth. Australia’s booming economy and friendly atmosphere should make it a top contender on anyone’s bucket list of countries to visit.

Cheap accommodation starting at just $100 a week can be found all over Australia’s east coast, not to mention most of them located within miles of a full firing beach break! However If your looking for a little more freedom in your travels then simply rent out a van from one of the many camper van hiring companies, at a surprisingly low cost, and hit the road for weeks or even months of full surfing action!

I spent the majority of my trip working and surfing around the East Coast, from Sydney at the heart of New South Wales, to Noosa Beach in Queensland, and there was never a shortage of waves! But don’t worry if your budget isn’t exactly flexible, with easy fruit picking and gardening jobs available for all backpackers it becomes very easy to replenish depleted traveling funds, and get back on the road for another surfing adventure!

The mellow forgiving waves of the UK where my perfect training ground to prepare me for the high energy reef and beach breaks of the land down under. I would recommend everyone to take up surfing! And find out where it can take you!