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Consent form for GSD Junior Surf Academy Caswell Bay

(Due to the beach locations we work in, we may not always be able to receive and / or action your messages straight away)

Consent and information form for all participants

(those under 18 will need their guardian to sign and all under 8 will need guardian to stay at the beach)

Name ________________________ D.O.B _ _/_ _/ _ _ (if under 18)

Email address ________________________

Emergency Contact number ________________________________________

Please note you must be able to swim 50 meters and declare any medical conditions which may cause safety problems to yourself, rest of group or instructors.

Anyone who has been drinking alcohol will not be allowed to participate in surf
session and will lose their payment.

Glasses may not be worn during the water work but can be worn for demonstrations and beach work. Please inform instructors of any hearing or visual difficulties that they will need to be aware of so they can provide a lesson that suits all.

Once we meet you at the beach we will give you wetsuits to put on; the zip should be on your back.

After everyone has changed, we assemble the group and go through a safety talk and give specific beach environment information which will come in handy for future visits to the particular beach.

Our aim is to give you enough safety information to ensure that you have the right start in surfing and a) will not endanger yourself or b) will not endanger others from your actions.

After the briefing, we will go down on to the beach and have a warm up. (If for any reason you or a member of your group cannot do a gentle jog then please feel free to warm up at your own pace.)

Remember, we will only be surfing in shallow water so at no time should you dive or jump from your board. Every time you fall off your board please fall flat and cover your head.

If there is only one instructor: If anything should happen to the instructor or you lose sight of him/ her, then please return to the water’s edge and walk along until you find them. If they have been injured please re-call the group and use the mobile phone in the dry bag to summon help. (If the lifeguards are on duty send two adults up to them; if you are all children, the whole group
should stay together and summon help.)


By accepting this briefing and booking with GSD you are confirming that you have read the above and communicated it to anyone in your party surfing with GSD.

Signed Date

——————————————————- ————

Have you seen the FAQ page regarding this course? Here is the link: Junior Surfing
Please print section 2 out and bring to the beach with you. If you have paid online via www.shopgsd.com please bring a copy of proof of payment. N.B. when printing section 2 please try to use recycled paper.