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Girls surfing development, GSD ?

What does GSD stand for Girls surfing development, GSD? Nope, it certainly does not, g****r short dan nope, global surfing domination, nope.

Well the name actually was from ‘toots’ Paul 2 many waves out at Crab all the time Preedy, originally the company was going to be called GSA Gower Surfing Adventures, Paul pointed out that what we actually was setting out to do was ‘surfing development’ and there came GSD Gower Surfing Development.

GSD would like to thank the following  whom have helped us form, progress and develop.

Rawlin Morgan, Pete Phillips (Crab island surfboards), Andrew Morris, Billy Butler, Pauline Whomes@ Hot Dog, Mike Cunningham, Ian Beynon, Mike Greaves, Colin Lawson, Peter Nicholl and Simon Circle one, Danny Mullins, INT surfboards, Andrew Downie, Dai Griffin, Alun jon, Parker and Lake, jon Munro and Beth, Steve Osbourne, Sarah Mc, Phil Owen, Gem Howe, Rich and Alun @ Gower Surf, Tony Jenkins, Baz hall, Peter Urquhart, Call of the wild, clyne farm, euphoria sailing, parc le Breos, The Visit swansea bay team helping swanseasurfing and Richard and his visit south west team the list just goes on and on

To my good friends: Chris bertish, Ben granata, Grandad, Danny the reef inspector Mullins, Rich ‘think about it’, Budgie, Lodgie, Rob elding, wellsy, jenko…et al.

The GSD staff: Ben, pete, Tom, sam, tom, ben, brett, laura, joe, sally, aled, rhys, shep, joe, alun and all those that have worked for us you are the best out there.

Most importantly for G’r Short Dan at a difficult time for me which nearly led to me drifting away due to a divorce and heaps of stress. G’r dan gave me an incentive to work 200% harder and push GSD to be a leader in progress surfing lessons here in europe only Dan knows how he motivated me best and got me back on track.

Thank you Dan (the worlds top surfer, never seen him out crab but!!) keep copying, keep following and doing what you do best kami’ style..