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Now you can share your passion for surfing with books that  children will love

Plant the Seeds of Reading

Now you can share your passion for surfing with books that young people will love. By sharing these books, you will encourage them to read and by reading together you teach them by example. The surfing books are all available via our online surf shop click on picture links below to buy your copy for Christmas or other special occasions.

Olas Books, publishers of a popular line of children’s surf books, has now released their latest book, “Once Upon A Wave”. The release announcement was made today by author Roberto Diaz. “We are pleased to announce the release of our new book that teaches children about ocean safety in a fun, educational way,” said Diaz.

“Once Upon A Wave” teaches readers about ocean and wave safety through the adventures of a young surfer named Moe who encounters unexpected difficulties in the waters he has grown up in. The message is told in the true style of Polynesian storytellers who passed down their wisdom from generation to generation.

“We feel that this book, written for readers that are eight to twelve years old, will fill a void in encouraging young surfers to learn about ocean safety,” said Diaz. The book has the endorsement of surf legend Robert August as well as surf champion Rob Machado, and Peter “PT” Townend, 1976 ASP World Champion.

My_surf_tricks “My Surf Tricks” is designed to help children get acquainted with the different surf moves.

Children and beginners alike progress through a variety of surfing maneuvers to enhance their understanding of surfing.

Filled with rhyming text and cool watercolor illustrations, “My Surf Tricks” is the perfect gift for your child.

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Once_upon_a_wave_surf_story “Once Upon a Wave”, a new surfing story for the groms that will captivate imaginations and keep them reading. Young readers will come to know and respect the ocean and learn ocean safety through the tales told in this exciting new book.

“Once Upon a Wave” is destined to be the next big book for young surfers!

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My_surf_lesson_2 Our newest book,”My Surf Lesson – Look Before You Leap “, was written to teach our young readers a simple ocean safety tip. Our intention is for children to learn at an early age the importance of respecting the ocean’s power. Even though the sea is a place of wonder and fun, if not careful, it can quickly become a dangerous place.

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“The ocean is such a big part of my life and I want my kids to have the same feeling. Getting them familiar with the ocean through a book is a great way to make that happen.

It’s the best thing ever, golden!”

Rob Machado Two Time US Open Champion
Daddy to Two Daughters, Rose & Macy

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