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Junior surfer scheme from the BSA- Like swimming badges for surfing

At SurfGSD Gower Surfing school we have structured our after school junior surfing lessons around the Junior surfer scheme, which is written and endorsed by the BSA.

The scheme works just like swimming badges and has been adapted for surfing.

Participants of the scheme are awarded a log book which they bring to each lesson.  On completion of each level the junior surfer will recieve a certificate of achievement.

The scheme is open to all, although to really make it worth while participating in the scheme it is expected that Juniors will want to join our after school, or summer holiday surf club.

The requirments of the Junior surfer scheme are split into 5 different levels of skill.

Level 1:
This is where you check out the basics. Your equipment, how to catch waves and how to ride them. Safety is a big factor and you must show good awareness of your surroundings

Level 2:
This is all about standing and riding waves!  More safety and starting to freestyle

Level 3:
SMOOTH is the key word.  Here you will be learning how to ‘Trim’ and turn your board effectively.  A good take off is needed at this level and remember-No Knees.

Level 4:
Unbroken waves and hard boards come into play here. Starting to paddle out in waves up to 2 feet.  Frontside and backside rides, simple bottom turns, maintianing good trim and super smooth take offs are all important at this level

Level 5:
This is for the advanced techniques…This level is achievable with some hard work.  Good waves selection, well developed board riding skills combined with a solid knowledge of safety and surfing will lead you to the completion of the Junior Surfer Scheme