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Live Surf & Travel Gower based online surf shop aimed at beginners upwards

Live, Surf and Travel surf shop based in Swansea/Gower is a new store offering surfboards, wetsuits and softboards to those that are just starting out on the surf journey.

Softboards ideal for the first 3 – 6 months, building your fitness and confidence in the water, getting those necessary water skills that will keep you safe and others around you.

Intermediate surfboard  to help you ride the green waves and hopefully progress your turns on the wave.

Custom shaped surfboard now your ready to have your own unique stick, colour sprayed and designed to suit your height, body weight and ability level for whatever your local waves are like.

Wetsuits  for summer or winter wear that will not break the bank and most importantly keep you warm in the water. These wetsuits are  currently used by many British surf schools mainly due to the price and the  length of time that they last.

Board bags  protect your surfboard and it will give you the perfect ride!