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Surfing information for the media, press, tv, and journalists, multi media

We welcome journalists from all sectors of the media to come and have a taste of the surfing experience.We hope that like most of our customers you will become a surf addict too and help us spread the ‘surfing for everyone ‘message and in turn play our part helping young people and others increase their social opportunities.


We have been fortunate enough to have worked with HTV, BBC, LWT, S4C and various cable stations. Recently Jamie Owen from BBC TV Wales took to the water with us and in the same period we organised a surfing experience day for Extreme TV and Boomerang to film. The latter being held in Welsh Medium as we do offer surfing course in Welsh medium too.


We have been featured in all the quality papers including;  The Guardian, Telegraph, The Times, The Financial Times, The Observer, The Independant and also the Sunday Mirror.


We offer journalists advice, information and specialist knowledge in surfing related areas including, surf events, big wave riding, water safety, beach management.

Here is a ten minute, surfing information video was produced for Mr.Ian Jenkins, Faculty of Leisure and Tourism based at Swansea Institute of Higher Education. It was used as a promotional tool at the Gower and Swansea Surfing exhibition held for three months at Swansea Museum, South West Wales. Also featured in the video is Gower surf legend PJ (Pete Jones) and Gower Surfing Development (Surf GSD). Click on the surf picture below to view the film or download from google video and watch later.
If we can not help we can point you in the right direction as we work closely with Local Authorities, Local Lifesaving clubs and Universities.

Some links for background information to get you started:

‘Breaking the Waves’ The Guardian

‘Surfing and Beach Management degree’  The BBC website.


‘Surfing development group’  City and County of Swansea.

SurfGSD featured on The Extreme T.V channel’


‘Surfing plans’ University of Wales, Swansea.


‘Surf coaching works’ Adventure Wales.


UK Surf City Title’



For more independent information about our GSD surfing company you can order a free Adventure Wales magazine published by the Welsh Tourist Board. There are excellent articles covering all aspects of outdoor adventure including bog snorkling and kitesurfing among other activities. The article on us can be seen on pages18 -25 click on the brochure icon for a copy of the Welsh activity brochure.   http://www.visitwales.co.uk/52696/13.00.html

For more info on GSD you can go on google.co.uk and type in SurfGSD  or Gower surfing or gower surfing development to get started with.