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Top World Surfers

The professional surfers of the WSL top ranking, World Surf League, are sports and media stars, and the most famous. The main wave athletes pocket quite large sums with the competition awards and their sponsorship contracts. These are the top 10 active riders in the surf industry and how much they charged during 2018. John...More Please

Beginners Tips

The summer is coming, and you want to try new things. Are you thinking about getting into this surfing thing? Are you clear on what this is about? Could you use some advice? Today we are going to leave you a list of 10 tips that we consider basic for those who start getting into...More Please


In 1778 a British expedition under Captain James Cook, sailing from Tahiti to North America, met coincidentally with a group of islands unknown until then, which would later be called the Hawaii Islands. The expedition landed on the islands to map them and take note of their characteristics, as well as the way of life...More Please