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Useful Welsh Words and Phrases for your Surf trip to Gower

The London surf club visited us last week for a surf lifesaving/surf incident training day and fortunately were armed with a glossary of the basics supplied by the organiser, a Welshman living in the smoke. Thanks for the tips Rob! Please – Os gwelwch yn dda Thank you – Diolch 1 – un 2 –...More Please

Why every surfer should have a soft board in their quiver

Swell Boards Are Superb Wave Riding
Rob Machado has a soft board he describes as a black ball beater (when the beaches are shut to all surfboards except small soft boards) Above is elite surfer Tom Fisher about to go off the lip on my swell board in Swansea Bay. The thing is if you owned one of these boards you...More Please

Surfers’ covert film exposes plastic pellet’s route from factory to beach litter

Surfers Against Sewage Save Our E 2
Support the Surfers Against Sewage It’s World Environment Day and Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) investigators have released a film that exposes poor industry practice from ‘plastic injection moulding factories’, which is leading to a pollution epidemic of the nation’s waterways and coastline. SAS campaigners have focused their attention on plastic and polystyrene pellets. These are...More Please