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A great weeks surfing in Newquay, Cornwall, with still plenty of empty waves to be had


Everyone talks of crowded surfing beaches down in Newquay, well this last week the only place that was busy was ‘The Bay’ if you wanted to surf there, other than that Fistral has offered up some world class bombs with relatively few takers considering it’s location.

Offshore winds from the south and south east made for really fun take offs and even the cribber came awake for a couple of tow teams to have a play on.

Meanwhile, I can only imagine how good the waves must have been (& still are) down at the best Euro spots..scary.. Anyway, here is the MSW forecast > Surf forecast and it is looking big again for the tow boys down at the Canyon.

Back in Swansea now so back in the swimming pool and an indoor surf at the LC to keep the legs strong looking forward to escaping to my fave place in the world in 3 weeks time… The winter will truly start then with a little help from Huey

A good weekend ahead with Ospreys playing the Scarlets which for the first time for ages will be dominated by Welsh players and internationals so should make for a great match.

Enjoy the weekend!

Empty righthanders peeling off

South Fistral looking super fun