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The T-board arrives on our shores.

I have had a look at these crazy looking boards and am 2 scared to try one before I head to Hawaii. As soon as I get back I will be buying one to try out on the hills here on Gower. We will be soon selling them online via www.shopgsd.com currently they are available via www.t-boardsuk.com

Here is some txt to support the new boards and checkout their website for more pictures, prices and info.

Let’s get something straight right away… the T-Board is NOT a skateboard – it’s
not even a longboard. The T-board is quite literally adrenaline on wheels.
Nothing comes close to delivering the same riding characteristics – not to
mention the unbelievable angles achievable while carving.

The T-board will go as far, and as hard as you’re willing to push it, with a seemingly unlimited turning ability. It is not a gimmick, a fad or a passing trend. Whether acknowledged or not, the T-board is a benchmark in the history of the longboarding movement. A board that gains stability the faster it goes, that can out-turn absolutely anything on the market, that can deliver a near-perpendicular angle to the road surface
while carving, and that can hold its grip to the road during the most extreme
maneuver… it sounds like a dream. But it’s not. It’s a Tierney Rides carve board.
Used by members of the US Olympic snowboard team, this 13-pound carver
reaches amazing speeds. Tierney riders are known to charge hills at more than
30 kph and the trucks pivot on adjustable torsion rings to let you turn and stop as
abruptly as you want.

Bottom line is, if the waves are flat, the powder hasn’t fallen, you’re starting to get
bored with your street board, snowboard, or surfboard and want something to
spice up your riding, or if you’re simply looking to get into something completely
different than you’ve ever tried, then you must get your feet on a T-Board.