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Jet ski/PWC use here on Gower

Jet Ski Use At Llangennith Beach

I have just rec’d this letter via email (see below) and have forwarded on to the water safety section of C and C of Swansea. There are guidelines for the use of and training/insurance etc also there are byelaws and other rules and regulations that may be invoked by the powers that be.

Aberavon beach has a  zoned area for those jet ski users that want to go fast and jump waves as yet there is not at llangennith beach. Here are the basic rules provided by C and C of Swansea and here it is ‘jet ski use swansea

Dear Sir/Madam,

Not sure if anyone else has written to you yet but thought I’d let you know that last Sunday evening I was walking at high tide down llangennith beach on the Gower (Burry Holmes end) and there were 5-6 jet skis within 30 yards of the shore (see photo attached and weblink below), jumping over the waves and within dangerously close proximity (within 50 yards) to a number of surfers in the water.

The jet skiers were there for over an hour and a number of surfers I spoke to coming in and out of the water were very concerned and annoyed (needless to say anxious) about the activity of these jet skis.

This is not the first time this has happened as the jet skiers have been seen a number of times at this popular surf spot over the past year or so – apparently they come down the estuary from the Carmarthen end, possibly Bury Port docks?  Given the dangers of unsupervised jet ski use to other water users, particularly surfers, and some of the accidents that have occurred along the South Wales coast in the past, let alone the obvious noise and water pollution, I am sure this information may of interest to your readership.


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