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Girls go surfing, women surfers holding their own on the North Shore and every where else for that matter…



Women’s surfing is booming worldwide, our own women’s surf camp weekends run by Laura Morris of Swansea surf school are gaining in popularity. However, when you sit on the beach at Pipeline one of the heaviest waves in the world and watch set waves being caught and ridden well by female surfers you know that times have changed for the better. The Brazillian  female body boarders charge the largest days at pipe and have done for well over a decade. I have seen so many hot female surfers it is amazing, Layne Beechley, Lisa Anderson et all are the main reason for this boost along with Blue Crush and of course superb marketing from the industry leaders Roxy, Quiksilver. Long may the girls go surfing it has a superb calming influence on the line up. We will be running women’s surf weekends this coming year for more info contact us by clicking here: women’s surfing weekend