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Social responsibility or plain simple common sense?

Swansea Council On Strike


Key politicians have been stating the obvious lately, if we eat too much of the wrong food, it it not good for us…If we binge drink, that is not good for us either and the list goes on and on.

However, how about this one then?
You know that the local council are on strike for a couple of days, so, do you still put your rubbish bags out on the pavement? Do you when visiting the beach still stuff the bins full of rubbish or worse leave it on the beach?

Who, in your mind is responsible for the mess at Caswell Bay this morning and some streets in Mumbles?
Is it the Council? The Government? Or simply those individuals that are not acting ‘responsible’?

Well you will be glad to know that as regards Caswell Bay, the private sector, that is guys that rely on tourists each year visiting us cleaned up the beach promenade and beach area. In Picture, Rich from Gower Surf Company, Elmo from Angela’s beach cafe, Ben Clifford from SurfGSD.

Why?  Common sense we know that people only visit places that are clean, and safe among other factors. By cleaning up hopefully visitors will enjoy their day at the beach, go away and tell others what a great place Swansea/Gower is.

Regarding the question of ‘social responsibility’ and who do you blame, here are a few thoughts for you:

You ‘the beach visitor’ should only leave your foot steps on the beach, what you take to the beach take home with you.

You ‘the mumbles resident/holiday home visitor’ have the sense to keep your rubbish bagged up and in your house for obvious reasons.

The management in the Council, perhaps the above could have been warned not to put rubbish out, due to the strike there will be no collection this week. I noticed that a resident in one area actually put their own social responsible notices up along the village street as they realised that it would save mess, common sense?

The Council, perhaps it is time to take services off them that impact on the region as a Tourism destination. This would ensure services would always be carried out, one chief would run all the sectors and therefore no need to worry about the good old Council answer, ‘Not My Job’,  in this era those antiquated working structures constantly fail all concerned.

You make your own mind up of who is to blame, the main thing is ‘LOVE THE BEACH LEAVE NO TRACE’