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South Gower beaches, points and sheltered reefs have been firing

Well we have had another windy week for surf here in the UK, but those that have had the time on their hands would have scored fun waves. I have been watching the long range charts and the azores high looks like it is going to build and yes bring us a settled period of nice weather! Will believe it when it happens though so do not get your hopes up yet.

Surfers code of conduct: Was out at the reef in Langland yesterday spotted a few guys paddling through the line up rather than paddling around.. don’t do that as you will get run over or ruin someones wave..

I will also be  interested to hear what the protocol for the SUP surfers is, as yesterday I was up and riding and a guy just kept on paddling for the wave I was on and eventually dropped in on me even though he had seen me. It happened several times to others in the line up (including surfers dropping in on sup’s)

Perhaps Matt or Mat from the BSU assoc could send us the rules of the road so to speak for these guys and will post. As generally yesterday it appeared to be they go when they want to and surfers do the same thing back, that policy will probably end in tears.

Anyway for normal surfers here is the surfers conduct stuff/info > surfers information

When I get the info about sup’s will post for you, anyway have a great day!