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Ospreys rugby match and a spot of surfing y tapas in San Sebastian, Biarritz and Bayonne

We arrived in Biarritz the week before the match and enjoyed a night out with friends and some of the Biarritz Olympic rugby team. On the Monday the surf in Anglet was doing it’s thing see picture above. Our plan was to test the public transport system in the region which we had been assured was very good.

Unfortunately for us there was a train strike and we got stuck in many places including Bayonne which whilst searching for wifi (after returning from the train station and hearing the most used French phrase > ‘NON!’)

We luckily bumped into some friends from Swansea who had a car and dropped us off at our destination after a lunch in the old part of town. A stay with friends and another long lift to Dax helped us on our way to Spain.

Anyway, once in Spanish Vasco the transport was excellent, even though we got lost on the day of the match (due a to a messy Friday night out) and bumped into Eric Valerio and Carwyn Williams who gave us a lift to the stadium which was much appreciated.

As for the match well this review on BBC Wales is spot on, the Ospreys should be feeling pretty cheated by the ref I am > Ospeys robbed in Basque Country

After the match we headed to the old town and treated ourselves to tapas and Cruz Campo to wash away the taste of defeat to the 16 man Basque team (inc ref)

The old town is a must visit if you are ever in Sans Sebastian