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Rain or Shine it’s summer in Britain, your going to get wet anyway so come and surf with us, you will be warm in one of our new rhino wetsuits, honest!

Rain or Shine its summer in Britain, come and surf with us, you will be warm in one of our new rhino wetsuits, honest!

It’s time for us Brits to stop moaning about the rain and except the fact that we do not get the sunshine other parts of the world take for granted.

With the help of our new rhino wetsuits you will be roasting in the surf, in fact it is the instructors that get cold from just standing in waist depth water pulling you into waves (see pic above one very warm customer, one freezing member of staff!)

Anyway, the rain was per norm for our summer this morning but we have waves and the sun came out in the end for which we do not charge you extra, pic below shows Tom our surfgsd coach (wearing white ID rash vest) and customer with a safe soft surboard and red id rash vest over her new rhino wetsuit


Surf is looking mixed like the weather over the next two weeks so if your going to get wet, you may as well do it 100% see you on the beach soon.

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