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Some may say what about Three Cliffs Bay? Or is it a clever ploy by those that know?

The focus for past two years has been on the amazing golden sands of Rhossili Bay stretching for 3 miles on the far west coast of Gower, exposed to the Atlantic swells. Three Cliffs however is tucked around the corner on the south coast of Gower. Last summer the family and I went to 3 Cliffs beach several times and it was empty! This got me thinking have the locals managed to shine the spot light on Rhossili to keep the real golden egg to themselves? Do the heads of Welsh tourism holiday at 3 Cliffs and like the locals love the silence? Only joking of course, as if you visit Gower, you will find several possible award winning beaches with no one on.. Sorry not going to say where, go search and enjoy…. Ps Don’t forget Rhossili Bay is number one, isn’t it?