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Gower based surfer Callum Thomas introduces himself and what lies ahead surfing wise.

I’m Callum Thomas and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been surfing for just over 2 years and I live just off the gower so every spot is about the same distance for me to get to. No one in my family surfs but my family and friends are very supportive for taking me. This summer I’m hoping to finally surf somewhere abroad as I’ve only surfed welsh cold water. Hopefully France or Portugal, wherever suits my mother best. I am In my last year in school and then I’ll be moving onto college to study sport and then I’m hoping to do a bit of traveling ! I would like to travel to Bali as the waves there look amazing and waters warm ! Also I’d like to try Australia as the points around there will help me improve my surfing ! I have one problem. I think about sharks too much in Wales so wishing myself luck before I go to countries which has sharks galore.