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Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2007, all set to go.

Cape Town – Red Bull are proud to announce their ninth edition of the Red Bull Big Wave Africa surfing event. This event, one of only three big wave paddle-only events in the world and the second longest running event, is set to take place at the big wave spot known as Dungeons, off the Sentinel in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

The waiting period for the event runs from 1 June until 31 August, with a 48-hour call for the event day to allow international surfers to make their way to South Africa. The contest organisers have opened up the field to allow 24 surfers to compete in the event, giving it a wider field and more scope.

Come on Cristo, the guy that did more for big wave surfing here in the UK than anyone else and helped develop us on K38 training courses is in this event and you can see his profile along with all the other competitors via the events website below. There are also some pictures of the hell man on this blog click here Chris bertish big wave surfer

The Red Bull Big Wave Africa website is going to be the central hub from which all information, images, video and downloads can be found, as well as athlete profiles and a history of the event. This year the event is going to be have live streaming, so that people from around the world can watch the event live. If you would like to receive event status reports and updates please register on the event website www.redbullbwa.com

With the Cape having already experienced some phenomenal waves this year, things look good for a great event. Dungeons has proved that it can produce some of the biggest waves in the world, and this year we wait in anticipation to see if it can turn on to its full potential.