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The Barracuda brings the NUTS MAGAZINE BABE SEARCH 2008- to Newquay

Thanks to Barry Croxall for the information below. THE NUTS BABE SEARCH 2008 TOUR HAS BEEN TOURING THE UK SINCE MARCH The winner for the NUTS Magazine Babe search which is to be held at Newquays Barracuda on Sunday May 25th can win; *CONTRACT WITH A TOP LONDON MODELLING AGENCY *PHOTO SHOOT WITH NUTS MAGAZINE...More Please

A school holiday visit to the LC Swansea with my daughter

Izzy is down for her school holidays and could not wait to visit the new Swansea Leisure centre hosting a wave pool, three slides and a wave rider. It was my second visit, SurfGSD had been lucky enough to have been asked to help with the Swansea LC opening ceremony. Izzy and I arrived at...More Please