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A school holiday visit to the LC Swansea with my daughter

Izzy is down for her school holidays and could not wait to visit the new Swansea Leisure centre hosting a wave pool, three slides and a wave rider. It was my second visit, SurfGSD had been lucky enough to have been asked to help with the Swansea LC opening ceremony. Izzy and I arrived at the LC reception ten minutes before opening and joined the others waiting. The reception is very clean and welcoming with large screens giving plenty of info along with the latest news so that you can chill out among the noise of excited youngsters.

We paid and presented proof of living in Swansea which gives you a discount along with giving the very nice receptionist one half of the car park ticket which also went to towards our entry fee of £9.00 (one adult and one 6 year old child).

The changing rooms spotless, lockers working and staff super nice along with the fact that it was early and not busy made this an excellent experience for me and even better for Izzy who went on slide after slide. The waves come to life on to the sound of the beach boys and we had fun in them for a while but the main event for Izzy was the ‘Master Blaster’ I lost count how many times we walked up the stairs and blasted down the slides. The second most popular was a slide which was totally dark and I must say I enjoyed the best.

The bottom line is that Izzy had a great time at the LC and will go back there again. As for me an ex LC manager and Dip ISRM member I can honestly say that it is a superb facility and should really help with tourism here in Swansea, I am not sure if I would want to visit with Izzy during peak time as I can envisage waiting times etc being a bore.  For more info on the fantast