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Getting ready to head off back on their world tour.  For more info checkout their new blog www.sailaway.typepad.com Hello to all those who are interested in Jeff and Roberta Jones’s blog site and our progress in our yacht Moana Ipo. We have set this site up for the sole purpose to give an update of...More Please

Camper vans ideal for surfers.

Surfing Lessons
Surfseeker the ideal tool for cool camping or should I say cool surfing ! The website for more information and pictures is www.surfseeker.co.uk Please feel free to contact the team at Surfseeker regarding any of the vehicles on this website. About surfseeker. Something about SurfSeeker… Why Japanese? We have known for a long time that...More Please

Abertawe Eisteddfod

Swansea welcomes this year’s National Eisteddfod of Wales, Europe’s largest cultural festival, between 5th and 12th of August! Swansea will be welcoming visitors from across Wales and beyond to sample the delights of this year’s Eisteddfod with around 20,000 visitors expected to the festival every day! An opening concert on the 4th of August will...More Please