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BT hassle and Bishopston Comp, Swansea non payment all adds to a different week

Blue sky thinking, just when everything appears to be going good something happens and brings you back to earth or Swansea in my case.

British Telecom decided to cut my phone line number hence the new one at the moment 01792 417 170. I phoned them from France and anyone that has had to deal with BT will know how stressful that can be! After a week of non stop phone calls and empty promises, I have got no further in resolving the situation and will do a complete blog post on this when resolved as was unaware that they could just take your phone number away.

Bishopston Comp have been sending work placement pupils to us for years, also every year we give them surfing vouchers which they sell to help them raise funds for the school. Anyway, in July 2009 they came surfing with us at Caswell Bay for which the school pupils paid money to the school direct for the surf course. I then sent an invoice to the school after the course had finished. All they had to do was pass the payments on.

It is now October 2010 and we have still not been paid, apparently the admin section in the school have said that the invoice was confusing. This is despite the invoice type being used for many other schools and L.E.A’s This will also warrant another blog post when the final payment is made.

Can you imagine if you as an individual acted like BT and Bishopston Comp…

Anyway, back to blue sky thinking keep calm, enjoy the great rugby weekend ahead and stoked that Kelly Slater won the super tubes contest in Peniche let’s hope he makes it 10 world titles!

All we want to do is surf!