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Winter fun in winter conditions is all about good equipment and a state of mind!

There are so many empty waves up in the Northern Hemi that go unridden daily. Why? Well mainly due to the minus temperatures, snow, ice and survival. However, with the latest types of wetsuits, boots and gloves surfers can now not only surf these spots but actually last longer and amazingly keep warm. One of the suits I use is the Rhino 5mm with hood and I can only wear it in Feb and March as otherwise I get too warm!

State of mind, well that’s simple how motivated are you to surf in dark overcast skies, get changed in the cold with that offshore wind attacking your uncovered regions. If your hardcore and motivated enough then the waves are all yours and you deserve them.. Good on you for being a feral surfer.. get out there and ride those empty waves… See you Somewhere!