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How about a 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 private surfing lesson for a special gift this valentines day?

SurfGSD have for over a decade now been running classic surf courses geared towards small groups or individual bespoke needs.

It is suitable for all ages and abilities, if you have your own equipment and want to progress faster then book on one of our classic surf courses you will be amazed how quickly your skills will develop.

We can video or take pictures of you to help with coaching analysis and of course you can keep any of the images we take if you want to at no extra cost.

if you are just starting out and want a level 1 surf lesson or want to get into the bigger surf we can help. To book simply follow the links below or if you need to ask more questions simply contact us > SurfGSD a British surfing company

1) 1-2-1 surfing lesson

2) 1-2-1 indoor surfing lesson

3) 1-2-2 surfing lesson

4) 1-2-2 indoor surfing lesson

5) a classic surf lesson max 4 people in group